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When we undertake work in either in residential homes or commercial spaces, we take time to understand your needs so that we can provide the best solutions for you. When you are renovating or extending, you will have thought long and hard about what you want. So, when we paint your living room, decorate your cafe dining area or tile your bathroom, we take the necessary time while we work, to ensure that the job is completed properly and not just quickly.


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Overview Of Our Services


Services Overview

  • General Building Services
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Plumbing Services
  • Kitchen Fitting & Installation
  • Bathroom Fitting & Installation
  • Flooring Installation
  • Electrical Services


Whether you need a kitchen or bathroom fitted, new flooring installed, a room decorated or some plumbing fixed, we builders in North London can get the job done for you. You could have damaged a wall whilst moving furniture, a clogged pipe under the kitchen sink or any number of other problems. Drawing on our experience, we will identify the best solution for your situation, so that you can relax once again, knowing that your home is back to perfect working condition.


We have completed building and decorating jobs in a number of premises including coffee shops, restaurants and offices. At Caspian Building Decorators we understand that the time we spend painting, decorating or repairing your shop or restaurant means time you spend closed – which impacts on your bottom line. We will visit your premises and renovate your building in North London to your specifications and do so within the required time frame, so you can get back to doing what you do best.






Refurbishments, Renovations, Flooring, Tiling & Installations

Renovating your home can often be a stressful, exasperating and expensive exercise. You will have made long and detailed plans, and there is always the danger that building work will overrun time frames and costs. At Caspian Building Decorators we can complete the vast majority of the interior work for the renovation. Our expertise in all of these areas means we are efficient and totally transparent on prices.

Similarly, if you are looking to refurbish your place of work, we can provide solutions for all painting, decorating, flooring installation, tiling and carpeting projects. After an initial quote, we will visit your premises and plan a detailed course of action. Then, we complete the work within the agreed time frame.

We offer a number of guarantees on the various jobs we finish. For example, our painting comes with a 4-month guarantee, so if there are any issues, we will return at no extra cost and fix the problem for you. So far, we are proud to say that we have yet to be called up through one of these guarantees, and we hope that offers you total peace of mind. Get in touch for detailed breakdown of all of our building work in North London. 

Residential, Commercial, Painting, Plastering & Repair Work

Through the years, we have completed many refurbishments and renovations on various builds in North London to the property owner’s satisfaction. Doing this requires lots of preparation. First, we agree the specifications and a time frame that is convenient to you. Then we take care to ensure that your building and your cherished possessions are properly protected beforehand. After this, we carefully coat your home or shop with your selected paints in a methodical manner so that the paint lasts for as long as possible. 

Slapdash paint jobs may be fast, but the paint will spoil. We will give you a guarantee of 4 months with all our painting jobs, because it is within this time frame that you will notice if the job is a poor one. We are pleased to say that we have never been called back to uphold one of these guarantees and are sure that you won’t have to either. Get in touch for any painting and decorating enquiries on new builds in North London.


Plumbing, Repairs, Winter Plumbing, Refurbishments, Installations, Toilets, Showers & Bathrooms

We offer a number of services to help you in installing or repairing kitchen sinks, showers and hot and cold basins. If the job is a small one and takes two or three hours we can charge by the hour. If the job is more serious, we will discuss the price beforehand with you and give you a fixed price so that, however long the job takes to complete, you won’t receive any nasty shocks.

We will also offer you guarantees of around 8 months to 1 year. So, if there are any problems with any of our work – we will return at no cost to you, fix the problem with our own materials, then leave only when you are 100% happy. Contact us for any plumbing work you may have.

Residential, Commercial, Underfloor Heating, Wood, Oak, Laminate & Tiling

As builders in North London, we have installed a number of floors in homes throughout the Capital. We are adept at preparing and installing a number of floors. We will advise and assist you in controlling the dust before the laying, guide you on checking the moisture, as well as properly prepare the sub-floor. It is our preparation, damp-proofing, sound-proofing and installing of the floors which mean that your completed floor will have a long and healthy future. Get in touch for a discussion about a new floor.




Repairs, Installations, Kitchen Units, Cabinets, Cupboards, Doors & Wall Units

When you are looking for someone to install a kitchen, you want them to do so quietly, properly and quickly. Whether you are looking to install a cupboard or completely renovate your kitchen, we are experienced professionals. We can gut and remove old or damaged appliances, make the proper preparations then safely carry out all building, decorating, electrical services and flooring work. Get in touch for a quote if you’re looking to replace some or all of your kitchen on a new build in North London. 

Repairs, Installations, Baths, Toilets, Showers & Bathrooms

Our proficiency in plumbing and renovations means that we can take the strain out of installing a new bathroom. Whether the job is relatively minor and just your toilet needs replacing or you want a complete overhaul of your bathroom, we have the skills to do it for you. As experienced builders in North London when we install your bathroom, we can also take care of the tiling, carpeting and any other interior you may be doing during a renovation. 


Drainage, Leaks, Burst Pipes & Water Damage

When something goes wrong on your property, it is never at a convenient time. Emergency plumbing problems can be expensive and cause major damage to your home.

If you have an emergency issue at any time of the day, contact us and we will arrive swiftly to find the problem with your plumbing. If the problem takes longer than two or three hours to fix, we will give you a fixed price so that you are always happy with the price after we find a solution.


Fault Finding, Rewiring, Full Wiring, Fault Finding, Adding Sockets, Extra Lights & Fuseboxes

As builders in North London, we really understand the importance of good, safe, quality electrical services. When electrical work is badly completed, people’s lives become at risk. Naturally, we are proud to offer guarantees of around 15 years on most of our electrical work – because when electrical work is completed properly it will last a long time.

The number one priority when we work is safety. The safety of you and our employees will always take precedent and will we strive to carry out all electrical services on your property with your well-being in mind.

We work partner with electrical specialists to complete a number of jobs including installing light fittings, shower fittings and cooker points. We can also repair lighting, sockets and wiring. So, if you have an electrical issue, contact us at Caspian Building Decorators.




Interested in any of the services we offer? Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

If you need building or decorating services contact us today to get a quote. We can even assist you with our 24/7 emergency plumbing service. 

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