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Our Story 


Caspian Building Decorators was created ten years ago by Mehrdad . As a young child, Mehrdad used to accompany his father to work during his summer holidays. He would follow him around on work sites as he fixed various things. Watching his father, Mehrdad grew fascinated with fixing things, and since then has had a passion for working with his hands.


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Builders in North London. Painter decorator. Painting floor moulding.

The Creation of Caspian Building Decorators

Caspian Building Decorators was formed because Mehrdad was proud of his work. Prior to the company, when Mehrdad completed a fantastic job for the client, all kudos and credit would be claimed by the building company he worked for. So, convinced by the quality of his work, Mehrdad formed his own company of builders in North London

It is only recently that Caspian Building Decorators developed an online presence. The work that Caspian Building Decorators completes is of such quality that most business is generated through positive word of mouth. 





Our Promise

At Caspian Building Decorators, there are only two priorities when we build in North London. The number one priority at Caspian Building Decorators is safety. When carrying out building work, especially electrical services, we always make sure that you and our employees are always well protected.

Secondly, the most important thing is the quality of our work. We will not leave your premises until you are totally and completely satisfied with our services. So, please get in touch if you are looking for any kind of building work in the North London.






Our services range from building and decorating, to repairs and unblocking drains.

Whether you need general building services, painting, decorating or plumbing, get in touch with Caspian Building Decorators. We can help with all your building and decorating needs.

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Builders in North London. Renovation, refurbished room.